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2,4,5-Trichlorophenyl-(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethoxycarbonylamino)methylcarbamates: Synthesis, isolation, characterization and utility in the synthesis of dipeptidyl ureasBabu, Vommina V Suresh; KantharajuIJC-B Vol.44B(05) [May 2005]1046-1053
Convenient and simple homologation of Nα-urethane protected α-amino acids to their β-homologues with concomitant o-nitrophenylesters formationAnanda, Kupanna; Gopi, Hosahudya N; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.40B(09) [September 2001]790-795
Fmoc-amino acid azides in peptide synthesisVasanthakumar, Ganga- Ramu; Ananda, Kuppanna; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.41B(08) [August 2002]1733-1735
Homologation of α-amino acids to β-amino acids: 9-Fluorenylmethyl chloroformate as a carboxyl group activating agent for the synthesis of Nα- protected aminoacyldiazomethanesKantharaju; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.43B(10) [October 2004]2152-2158
N -Fmoc-Peptide azides: Synthesis, isolation, characterization and utility in the extension of peptide chainsBabu, Vommina V Suresh; Vasanthakumar, Ganga-Ramu; Patil, Basanagoud SIJC-B Vol.44B(09) [September 2005]1853-1858
Microwave accelerated high speed solution synthesis of peptides employing HATU/HOAtSudarshan, Naremaddepalli S; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.44B(07) [July 2005]1509-1511
Microwave irradiated high-speed solution synthesis of peptide acids employing Fmoc-amino acid pentafluorophenyl esters as coupling agentsBabu, Vommina V Suresh; Rao, R V RamanaIJC-B Vol.44B(11) [November 2005]2328-2332
A rapid and convenient synthesis of α and β forms of acetylated derivatives of sugars under microwave irradiationPatil, Basanagoud S; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.43B(06) [June 2004]1288-1291
A rapid synthesis of dipeptidyl urea acids employing p-nitrophenyl-(9- fluorenylmethoxycarbonylamino)methyl carbamatesPatil, Basanagoud S; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.43B(08) [August 2004]1721-1728
Synthesis of a modified peptide fragment analog Val-Tyr (P)-Val-Ala-Ala-OH of cAMP protein kinase regulatory sub unit type II employing Fmoc chemistry Devaraju, Kuramkote Shivanna; Patil, Basanagoud S; Tantry, Subramanyam J; Babu, S V Suresh; Shetty K, Taranath; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.45B(07) [July 2006]1747-1752
Synthesis of Fmoc-protected β-amino alcohols and peptidyl alcohols from Fmoc-amino acid / peptide acid azidesBabu, Vommina V Suresh; Kantharaju; Sudarshan, Naremaddepalli SIJC-B Vol.45B(08) [August 2006]1880-1886
Synthesis of Nα-protected peptide acids by the N → C chain extension employing O,N-bis-trimethylsilyl-amino acids using the mixed anhydride methodTantry, Subramanyam J; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.43B(06) [June 2004]1282-1287
Synthesis of β-casomorphin employing Fmoc-amino acid chlorides and t- butyldimethylsilyloxy benzotriazole (TBDMS-OBt)Tantry, Subramanyam J; Mathad, Raveendra I; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.42B(09) [September 2003]2104-2108
Ultrasound accelerated synthesis of proteinogenic and ,-dialkylamino acid ester saltsKantharaju; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.45B(08) [August 2006]1942-1944
Wolff rearrangement of N - Boc-/Z-protected aminodiazoketones to the corresponding β-amino acids under microwave irradiationKantharaju; Patil, Basanagoud S; Babu, Vommina V SureshIJC-B Vol.44B(12) December 2005]2611-2613