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Apparent relationship between Thermal Regime in Antarctic waters and Indian Summer MonsoonMenon, H B; Babu, V Ramesh; Sastry, J SIJMS Vol.17(1) [March 1988]87-90
Association between premonsoonal SST anomaly field in the eastern Arabian Sea and subsequent monsoon rainfall over the west coast of IndiaSadhuram, Y; Babu, V Ramesh; Gopalakrishna, V V; Sarma, M S SIJMS Vol.20(2) [June 1991]106-109
Capillary rise in woven fabrics by electrical principleBabu, V Ramesh; Koushik, C V; Lakshmikantha, C B; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.36(1) [March 2011]99-102
Horizontal liquid spreading behaviour of hybrid yarn woven fabric using embedded image analysis principleRaja, D; Kouhik, C V; Ramakrishnan, G; Babu, V Ramesh; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.37(4) [December 2012]381-384
Nearshore hydrography off Visakhapatnam, east coast of India, during winterRao, B Prabhakara; Babu, V RameshIJMS Vol.15(3) [September 1986]141-143
Oceanography of Wadge Bank - current measurements over a tidal cycle off the south coast of IndiaRaju, V S Rama; Babu, V Ramesh; Anto, A FIJMS Vol.15(3) [September 1986]135-140
Physico-chemical characteristics and circulation of waters in the Mauritius-Seychelles ridge zone, southwest Indian OceanRagoonaden, S; Babu, V Ramesh; Sastry, J SIJMS Vol.16(3) [September 1987]184-191
Results from the MWR network of IMAPMoorthy, K Krishna; Nair, Prabha R; Prasad, B S N; Muralikrishnan, N; Gayathri, H B; Murthy, B Narasimha; Niranjan, K; Babu, V Ramesh; Satyanarayana, G V; Agashe, V V; Aher, G R; Singh, Risal; Srivastava, B NIJRSP Vol.22(4) [August 1993]243-258
Summer monsoonal heat balance for upper central equatorial Indian OceanBabu, V Ramesh; Gopalakrishna, V V; Rao, M V; Sastry, J SIJMS Vol.18(1) [March 1989]66-70
Thermal structure and flow patterns around seychelles group of islands (Indian Ocean) during austral autumnVetiiamony, P; Babu, V Ramesh; Kumar, M R RameshIJMS Vol.16(3) [September 1987]179-183
Variability of Mixed Layer Depth in the Northern Indian Ocean during 1977 and 1979 Summer Monsoon SeasonsKrishna, V V Gopala; Sadhuram, Y; Babu, V RameshIJMS Vol.17(4) [December 1988]258-264
Water Masses and General Hydrography along the West Coast of India during Early MarchBabu, V Ramesh; Varkey, M J; Das, V Kesava; Gouveia, A DIJMS Vol.09(2) [June 1980]82-89