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Adsorption Characteristics of Hg(II) on Humus-Kaolin Complex: Kinetics and EquilibriumAbraham, Beena T; Anirudhan, T SJSIR Vol.58(10) [October 1999]807-814
Adsorption Equilibria of Hg(II) on Clays in Presence of Organic MaterialsAbraham, Beena T; Anirudhan, T SJSIR Vol.58(11) [November 1999]883-892
Adsorption of Pb(II) on polyacrylamide grafted tin(IV) oxide gel from aqueous solutionShubha, K P; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.03(1) [January 1996]55-57
Adsorption performance of Zr-pillared montmorillonite for the removal of organic pollutants from aqueous phaseVinod, V P; Varghese, Sumol; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.10(2) [March 2003]201-210
Adsorption thermodynamics of Co(II) on polysulphide treated sawdustAnirudhan, T S; Sreedhar, M KIJCT Vol.05(1) [January 1998]41-47
Adsorption thermodynamics of phosphate on sediments of tropical backwater systemMadhukumar, A; Anirudhan, T SIJMS Vol.25(2) [June 1996]125-132
Batch Lead and Cadmium Ions Binding and Exchange Properties of Polymer-Coated Hydrous Iron(III) OxideManju, G N; Anirudhan, T SJSIR Vol.59(02) [February 2000]144-152
Batch metal removal by modified hydrous titanium (IV) oxide gel: Kinetics and thermodynamicsShubha, K P; Raji, C; Anirudhan, T SIJEMS Vol.05(2) [April 1998]65-71
Distribution of salinity and silicon in Cochin estuaryAnirudhan, T S; Nambisan, P N KIJMS Vol.19(2) [June 1990]137-139
Effect of Experimental Variables on Phenol Adsorption on Activated Carbon Prepared from Coconut Husk by Single-step Steam Pyrolysis: Mass Transfer Process and Equilibrium StudiesVinod, V P; Anirudhan, T SJSIR Vol.61(02) [February 2002]128-138
Effect of NTA and pH on Lead(II) Adsorption by the Hydrous Oxides of Mn, Fe, and A1Abraham, Beena T; Anirudhan, T SJSIR Vol.60(02) [February 2001]145-150
Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic modeling for the adsorption of heavy metals onto chemically modified hydrotalciteAnirudhan, T S; Suchithra, P SIJCT Vol.17(4) [July 2010]247-259
Evaluation of an adsorbent prepared by treating coconut husk with polysulphide for the removal of mercury from wastewaterSreedhar, M K; Madhukumar, A; Anirudhan, T SIJEMS Vol.06(5) [October 1999]279-285
Hydrotalcite as adsorbent for the removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous media: Equilibrium studiesManju, G N; Gigi, M C; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.06(3) [May 1999]134-141
Kinetic and equilibrium characterization of phenols adsorption onto a novel activated carbon in water treatmentVarghese, Sumol; Vinod, V P; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.11(6) [November 2004]825-833
Kinetic and equilibrium modeling of adsorption of cobalt(II) from aqueous solutions onto surface modified lignocellulosics (Musa paradisiaca)Shibi, I G; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.13(6) [November 2006]567-575
Kinetics of Pb(II) adsorption by polyacrylamide grafted sawdustRaji, C; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.04(3) [May 1997]157-162
Phenol removal from aqueous systems by sorption on jackwood sawdustAchari, V Sivanandan; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.02(3) [May 1995]137-141
Phosphorus distribution in sediments of Edava-Nadayara and Paravur lake systems along the south west coast of IndiaMadhukumar, A; Anirudhan, T SIJMS Vol.24(4) [December 1995]186-191
A preliminary examination of the adsorption characteristics of Pb(II) ions using sulphurised activated carbon prepared from bagasse pithKrishnan, K Anoop; Anirudhan, T SIJCT Vol.09(1) [January 2002]32-40