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Antimutagenic activity of methanolic extracts of four ayurvedic medicinal plantsAqil, Farrukh; Zahin, Maryam; Ahmad, IqbalIJEB Vol.46(09) [September 2008]668-672
Asbestos fiber counts in work zone area of an asbestos-cement factoryAnsari, Furquan A; Ashquin, Mohammad; Siddiqui, Huma; Ahmad, IqbalJSIR Vol.66(11) [November 2007]-
Biosorption of Ni, Cr and Cd by metal tolerant Aspergillus niger and Penicillium sp. using single and multi-metal solutionAhmad, Iqbal; Ansari, Mohd Ikram; Aqil, FarrukhIJEB Vol.44(01) [January 2006]73-76
HF radio signal strength variations during total solar eclipse of 24 October 1995Lakshmi, D R; Ahmad, Iqbal; Gupta, M M; Veenadhari, B; Sain, Mangal; Sharma, S; Bhatnagar, A KIJRSP Vol.26(1) [February 1997]25-29
Investigation of VHF signals in bands I and II in southern India and model comparisonsPrasad, M V S N; Rao, T Rama; Ahmad, Iqbal; Paul, K MIJRSP Vol.35(3) [June 2006]198-205
Radio wave propagation studies for mobile communications VHF in the south Indian coastal zonesPrasad, M V S N; Sarma, S B S S; Ahmad, IqbalIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]154-158
Screening of certain medicinal plants from India for their anti-quorum sensing activityZahin, Maryam; Hasan, Sameena; Aqil, Farrukh; Khan, Mohd. Sajjad Ahmad; Husain, Fohad Mabood; Ahmad, IqbalIJEB Vol.48(12) [December 2010]1219-1224
Statistical morphology of cloud occurrences and cloud attenuation over Hyderabad, IndiaSarkar, S K; Ahmad, Iqbal; Gupta, M MIJRSP Vol.34(2) [April 2005]119-124