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Black YAG crystal and BDN dye as passive Q-switched laser modulatorsSanghi, S; Dodain, N; Meenakshi; Agarwal, AIJPAP Vol.42(02) [February 2004]89-92
Characterization of laser beams for cesium atomic fountain experimentPurnapatra, S B; Arora, P; Yadav, S; Agarwal, A; Gupta, A SenIJPAP Vol.51(09) [September 2013]615-620
Growth Performance of Cultured African Catfish (C.Gariepinus) Fingerlings in the Presence of Nano and MacroCuO Feed SupplementsOnuegbu, U C; Agarwal, A; Singh, N BJSIR Vol.77(09) [September 2018]499-503
Herbs used in Siddha medicine for arthritis – A reviewWilson, Eugene; Rajamanickam, GV; Vyas, Neera; Agarwal, A; Dubey, GPIJTK Vol.6(4) [October 2007]678-686
Removal of Victoria Blue-84 Dye from Aqueous Solution by Zinc Sulphate Activated Sugarcane BagasseRachna, Km; Agarwal, A; Singh, N BJSIR Vol.78(05) [May 2019]307-311
Spectroscopic and radiative properties of Nd3+ ions doped zinc bismuth borate glassesPal, I; Agarwal, A; Sanghi, S; Sanjay; Aggarwal, M PIJPAP Vol.51(01) [January 2013]18-25
Effect of oophorectomy on expression of calcium sensing receptor mRNA in rat duodenal mucosaMehrotra, M; Gupta, S K; Tiwari, S; Agarwal, A; Kumar, K; Awasthi, P K; Godbole, M MIJEB Vol.41(01) [January 2003]41-46
Study of electron paramagnetic resonance in vanadyl doped tungsten lithium borate glassesAnshu; Rani, S; Agarwal, A; Sanghi, S; Kishore, N; Seth, V PIJPAP Vol.46(6) [June 2008]382-384
Study of structural, optical and transport properties of semiconducting Fe2O3-PbO-B2O3 glassesSanjay; Kishore, N; Agarwal, AIJPAP Vol.48(03) [March 2010]205-211
Tensile behavior of glass fiber reinforced plastics subjected to different environmental conditionsAgarwal, A; Garg, S; Rakesh, P K; Singh, I; Mishra, B KIJEMS Vol.17(6) [December 2010]471-476
Thermal and electrical properties of MoO₃-Bi₂O₃-B₂O₃ glassesKishore, Sanjay N; Agarwal, A; Seth, V P; Sheoran, M SIJPAP Vol.46(10)) [October 2008]719-721