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Dimerization & Subsequent Complexation of 1,5,9-Cyc1ododecatriene with PentacarbonylironUllah, S S; Kabir, S E; Molla, M E; Wahiduzzaman, S MIJC-A Vol.24A(01) [January 1985]45-46
Dimerization & Subsequent Complexation of 1,5,9-Cyclododecatriene with HexacarbonyltungstenAzam, K A; Howlader, M B H; Kabir, S E; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.27A(12) [December 1988]1087-1088
Low temperature reactions of chromyl chloride with disodium tetracarbonylferrate and sodium cyclopentadienyldicarbonylferrate-Synthesis of two new chromium iron cluster complexesUllah, S S; Kundu, K; Karim, M M; Khan, M A ZamanIJC-A Vol.33A(09) [September 1994]864-865
Photochemical Synthesis & Reactions of (μ-1,2,5,6-Tetrahaptocyc1ooctadiene-bis(pentahaptomethylcyclopentadienyl-manganesedicarbonyl)]Ullah, S S; Kabir, S E; Molla, M E; Karim, M; Khan, B BIJC-A Vol.24A(06) [June 1985]509-510
Preparation of halogenated arene complexes and their dehalogenation for further metallationUllah, S S; Alam, F R; Haque, M RIJC-A Vol.40A(01) [January 2001]79-85
Reaction of Cyclooctatetraenechromium-tricarbonyl with Dimethylacetylene Dicarboxylate in Presence of Triirondodecacarbonyl-Exchange of Chromium by Iron & Contraction of Cyclooctatetraene RingUllah, S S; Ahmed, I; Kabir, S E; Karim, M M; Molla, A HIJC-A Vol.24A(12) [December 1985]1052-1053
Reactions of 2,3-Bis(carbomethoxy)- 9,10-dichlorobicyclo [6.2.0]-deca-2,5-diene with Fe2(CO)9Ullah, S S; Kabir, S E; Molla, M E; Karim, MIJC-A Vol.23A(05) [May 1984]404-405
Reactions of Disodium Tetracarbonylferrate with β-BromostyreneUllah, S S; Kabir, S E; Molla, M E; Rahman, A K F; Karim, MIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]637-638
Synthesis & Characterization of Bis(η3-allyl)xylylenedicobalthexacarbonyl: A Novel Fluxional Complex in which Aromaticity of Benzene Ring is DestroyedUllah, S S; Molla, M E; Karim, M M; Begum, RIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]412-413
Synthesis & Reactions of 1,5,9-CyclododecatrienetricarbonylironUllah, S S; Kabir, S E; Molla, M E; Wahiduzzaman, S MIJC-A Vol.23A(03) [March 1984]180-182
Synthesis & Reactions of IsotetralenetricarbonylironAbser, M N; Hashem, M A; Kabir, S E; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.27A(12) [December 1988]1050-1052
Synthesis & Reactions of LimonenetricarbonylironUllah, S S; Molla, M E; Begum, NIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]992-994
Synthesis & Reactions of trans-1,4,9-DecatrienetricarbonylironUllah, S S; Molla, M E; Molla, A HIJC-A Vol.23A(12) [December 1984]995-996
Synthesis and characterization of organometallic complexes, [C8H4N 2CH2BrCH2Fe(CO)4] [C8H11Fe(CO)3] and [(C8H11)2Fe3(CO)10] obtained by ion pair annihilation reactionsUllah, S S; Rahman, A B M Shamsur; Alam, F R; Haque, M RIJC-A Vol.40A(05) [May 2001]456-459
Synthesis and isomerization reactions of isotetralenetricarbomyliron complexesUllah, S S; Ahmad, J U; Ahmed, I; Hashem, M A; Bashar, A B M S RIJC-A Vol.30A(11) [November 1991]941-943
Synthesis and reactions of hexachlorobutadienetricarbonylironAbser, M N; Hashem, M A; Kabir, S E; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.30A(11) [November 1991]974-975
Synthesis of 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexakis (σ-methylene) benzene compounds of iron and cobalt carbonyls &their facile conversion into π-compoundsUllah, S S; Azam, K A; Kabir, S E; Rahman, A K F; Begum, RIJC-A Vol.29A(01) [January 1990]22-24
Synthesis of 2,3,5,6- Tetramethylene-bicyclo[2.2.0]hexanediironhexacarbonyl, a Novel ComplexKhan, S M A; Hashem, M A; Karim, M M; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]607
Synthesis of a new heteronuclear tin-cobalt cluster complexUllah, S S; Kundu, K; Karim, M M; Hossain, M F; Quyser, M AIJC-A Vol.32A(03) [March 1993]257-258
Synthesis of Carbene Complexes of Iron from gem-DichlorocyclopropylcycloalkanesSalam, S; Hashem, M A; Ullah, S SIJC-A Vol.27A(12) [December 1988]1047-1049