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Strain Differentiation of Salmonella Bareilly by AP-PCRSaxena, M K; Singh, V P; Saxena, Anjani; Lakhchura, B D; Sharma, BIJBT Vol.02(4) [October 2003]607-609
Structures & Antifungal Activities of Bis-(arylthiocyanato )Metal (II) SelenocyanatesSrivastava, A K; Srivastava, S K; Singh, Kalpana; Srivastava, P K; Singh, V PIJC-A Vol.28A(03) [March 1989]237-240
Studies on Bimetallic Mixed Thiocyanate Selenocyanate Complexes, M[Ag(SCN) (SeCN)]2 [M = Co(II), Ni(II) or Cu(II)], & Their Acceptor Behaviour Towards Urea, Amides & AcetanilidesSharma, S B; Singh, M K; Singh, V PIJC-A Vol.25A(04) [April 1986]335-339
Studies on Structure and Properties of Low Twist Wet Spun Cotton YarnsSengupta, A K; Singh, V P; Iyer, B VIJFTR Vol.03(2) [June 1978]45-47
Study of photon interaction parameters in some newly developed superconductorsMedhat, M E; Mohammad, Abu Zayed; Rahman, Saliqur; Singh, V PIJPAP Vol.53(04) [April 2015]257-262
Synthesis & Complexing Behaviour of Bis-(arylthiocyanato)metal(II) Thiocyanates & Their Antifungal ActivitySrivastava, A K; Singh, V P; Srivastava, P K; Singh, (Km) Kalpana; Mabood, A; Srivastava, S KIJC-A Vol.26A(06) [June 1987]502-505
Synthesis and characterization of boron complexes of nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur donor ligandsSingh, V P; Singh, R V; Tandon, J PIJC-A Vol.29A(06) [June 1990]564-568
Variability of Fibre Fineness and Moisture Regain in Agmark Graded WoolArora, R K; Pokharna, A K; Bapna, D L; Singh, V PIJFTR Vol.06(4) [December 1981]169-170