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An investigation of Forbush decrease event and geomagnetic disturbancesKaushik, Subhash C; Shrivastava, Pankaj KIJRSP Vol.29(1) [February 2000]47-49
An investigation of two types of interplanetary transient disturbances and their effects on cosmic ray intensity in relation with solar wind plasma parametersKaushik, Subhash C; Shrivastava, Pankaj KIJRSP Vol.28(5) [October 1999]203-210
Observations of recovery time characteristics in cosmic ray Forbush type decreasesShrivastava, Pankaj K; Shrivastava, PrashantiIJRSP Vol.32(5) [October 2003]266-270
Relationship of first two harmonics of cosmic ray daily variation with solar activityTiwari, C M; Tiwari, D P; Agrawal, Sant P; Shrivastava, Pankaj KIJRSP Vol.33(2) [April 2004]95-98
Relationship of interplanetary coronal mass ejections with geomagnetic activityShrivastava, Pankaj K; Singh, GeetaIJCA Vol.47A(11) [November 2008]244-248
Role of coronal index of solar activity in long-term cosmic ray modulationTiwari, R K; Pandey, Manoj K; Shrivastava, Pankaj KIJRSP Vol.36(2) [April 2007]87-90
Short-term influence of coronal mass ejections on geomagnetic disturbancesShrivastava, Pankaj K; Singh, G N; Shrivastava, DevendraIJRSP Vol.32(1) [February 2003]52-54
Solar longitudinal distribution of solar flares in association with Forbush decreasesShrivastava, Pankaj K; Singh, NeelamIJRSP Vol.34(3) [June 2005]175-178
Tri-diurnal anisotropy of cosmic ray daily variation for the solar cycle 23Singh, Kamlesh; Shrivastava, Pankaj KIJRSP Vol.39(6) [December 2010]341-345