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Design and development of infrared technique based snow surface temperature measurement probeMittal, S K; Shamshi, M A; Garg, R K; Sharma, B KJSIR Vol.66(5) [May 2007]367-370
Design and development of instrumentation network for landslide monitoring andMittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Kapur, Parkhi; Sharma, B K; Shamshi, M AJSIR Vol.67(5) [May 2008]361-365
Design and development of Multi Parameter Probe (MPP) to measure temperature and hardness inside snow microstructureMittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Garg, R K; Sharma, B KJSIR Vol.67(6) [June 2008]428-431
Design improvements in digital seismograph for recording long duration seismic events and aftershocksSharma, B K; Kumar, Satish; Mittal, S K; Shamshi, M AJSIR Vol.65(01) [January 2006]36-41
Design of high power pump source of eye safe laser for geo-scientific applicationSingh, P K; Mittal, S K; Singh, Manjeet; Sharma, B KIJPAP Vol.43(07) [July 2005]517-521
Effect of complexing reagents on the ionization constant of boric acid and its relation to isotopic exchange separation factorSharma, B K; Subramanian, R; Mathur, P KIJC-A Vol.30A(01) [January 1991]66-69
Electronic state in -gallium using Compton scattering techniqueJain, Rajesh; Ahuja, B L; Sharma, B KIJPAP Vol.42(01) [January 2004]43-48
Glutathione level and its relation to radiation therapy in patients with cancer of uterine cervixMukundan, H; Bahadur, A K; Kumar, A; Sardana, S; Naik, S L D; Ray, A; Sharma, B KIJEB Vol.37(09) [September 1999]859-864
Hydrocarbon class type distribution of crude oils by high performance liquid chromatographySarowha, S L S; Sharma, B K; Sharma, C D; Sharma, R L; Madhwal, D CIJCT Vol.07(4) [July 2000]172-177
Immunohistochemical co-expression of c-erbb-2/Neu oncoprotein, altered tumour suppressor (p53) protein, EGF-R and EMA in histological subtypes of infiltrating duct carcinoma of the breastSharma, B K; Ray, A; Kaur, S; Gupta, SanjayIJEB Vol.37(03) [March 1999]223-227
Micro-controller based oscillation monitoring system for the safety of railway vehicles with high storage capacity and real time warning facilityMittal, S K; Kalra, Sandeep; Shamshi, M A; Sharma, B KJSIR Vol.63(09) [September 2004]752-757
Performance characteristic of indigenously developed 24-bit seismic data recorder for earthquake seismologyPandey, Vishnu Kumar; Kumar, Satish; Sharma, B K; Shamshi, M AJSIR Vol.66(9) [September 2007]741-747
Quantitative structure-activity relationship study on N-(pyridin-4-yl)-(indol-3-yl) alkylamides as antiallergic agentsSingh, P; Sharma, B K; Kumar, RIJBB Vol.39(5) [October 2002]351-355
Separation of boron isotopes by ion exchange chromatographySharma, B K; Subramanian, RIJC-A Vol.30A(06) [June 1991]531-535
Temperature dependent magnetic Compton Profiles of CeFe2 Ramesh, T; Ahuja, B L; Sharma, B K; Chaddah, P; Roy, S B; Sakurai, Y; Sakai, NIJEMS Vol.07(5-6) [October-December 2000]451-455
Use of type-II strong base anion exchange resins for ion exchange chromatographic separation of isotopes of boronSharma, B K; Rajamani, P; Mathur, P KIJCT Vol.04(6) [November 1997]308-316
Validation of theoretical model for ion exchange chromatographic separation of boron isotopesSujish, D; Sharma, B K; Anand Babu, CIJCT Vol.14(1) [January 2007]92-95