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Carbon-13 & Proton NMR Spectra of Some Metal Complexes of Pyrimidine-2-thioneShunmugam, R; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.22A(09) [September 1983]784-786
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy and electrical conductivity studies on some polyaniline salts and their basesRao, Palle Swapna; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.43A(07) [July 2004]1377-1384
Extended Huckel molecular orbital calculations on hydroxobridged heterotrinuclear cobalt(lll) complexesShafi, K V P M; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.35A(11) [November 1996]915-919
Magnetic & Spectroscopic Characterization of Some Dimeric Copper(II) Acetate AdductsRao, V Mohan; Sathyanarayana, D N; Manohar, HIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]417-418
Molecular Conformation of N-(2-Pyridyl)thioformamideShunmugam, R; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.26A(06) [June 1987]506-507
Poly (o-toluidine-co-o-chloroaniline) copolymers: Effect of polymerization conditions on the properties of the copolymersSavitha, P; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]487-493
Polymerization of vinyl acetate with styrene and α-methylstyrene under high oxygen pressureDe, Priyadarsi; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.40A(12) [December 2001]1282-1287
Proton NMR spectral studies on N-(4-methylphenyl)-2- and 3-pyridinecarboxamidesSingha, N C; Anand, Jayashree; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.37A(10) [October 1998]882-886
Simulation of the infrared spectra of N-methylformamide and N-methylacetamide by the extended molecular mechanics methodSathyanarayana, D N; Ganeshsrinivas, EIJC-A Vol.42A(07) [July 2003]1564-1574
Simulation of the infrared spectra of thioacetamide by the extended molecular mechanics methodSathyanarayana, D N; Ganeshsrinivas, EIJC-A Vol.41A(09) [September 2002]1777-1783
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline salts with phenoxy acetic acids by emulsion polymerizationVeerendra, B; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.44A(06) [June 2005]1133-1138
Synthesis of poly(1,3-diisopropenylbenzene peroxide)De, Priyadarsi; Sathyanarayana, D NIJC-A Vol.40A(09) [September 2001]1009-1011