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Heavy metals in fishes from coastal waters of Cochin, southwest coast of IndiaNair, Maheswari; Balachandran, K K; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Joseph, ThresiammaIJMS Vol.26(1) [March 1997]98-100
Nitrite maxima in the Northern Arabian SeaSankaranarayanan, V N; De Sousa, S N; Fondekar, S PIJMS Vol.12(3) [September 1983]181-182
Occurrence Of Enteric Bacteria In Seawater And Mussels Along The Southwest Coast Of IndiaRaveendran, O; Gore, P S; Iyer, T S G; Varma, P R G; Sankaranarayanan, V NIJMS Vol.19(4) [December 1990]282-284
Residual fluxes of water, salt and suspended sediment in the Beypore estuaryAnilkumar, N; Revichandran, C; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Josanto, VIJMS Vol.27(2) [June 1998]157-162
Seasonal changes of the sediment size distribution and stability along the beaches of Kerala, south west coast of IndiaSajeev, R; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Chandramohan, P; Nampoodiripad, K S NIJMS Vol.25(3) [September 1996]216-220
Studies on mixing of the waters of different salinity gradients using Richardsons number and the suspended sediment distribution in the Beypore estuary, south west coast of IndiaAnilkumar, N; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Josanto, VIJMS Vol.28(1) [March 1999]29-34
Studies on organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in sediments of the CochinSankaranarayanan, V N; Panampunnayil, S UIJMS Vol.08(1) [March 1979]27-30
Toxicity of effluent from a titanium dioxide factory on some marine animalsMadhupratap, M; Haridas, P; Gopalakrishnan, T C; Sankaranarayanan, V N; Menon, P GopalaIJMS Vol.08(1) [March 1979]41-42