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Accuracy of Stratospheric Wind Measurements Using Chaff Releases from RH-200 RocketsDevarajan, M; Parameswaran, P R; Reddy, C A; Reddi, C RaghavaIJRSP Vol.13(2) [April 1984]48-55
Climatologies of quasi 2-day and 16-h wind oscillations in the meteor region over TrivandrumReddi, C Raghava; Ramkumar, GeethaIJRSP Vol.26(1) [February 1997]1-14
Diurnal variation in diffusion coefficient and occurrence rate of radio meteor trailsReddi, C Raghava; Rajeev, K; Ramkumar, GeethaIJRSP Vol.24(2) [April 1995]55-63
Low frequency oscillations in the tropical stratospheric temperature field during winter timeDevasia, C V; Reddi, C RaghavaIJRSP Vol.21(6) [December 1992]338-346
Measurement of Doppler Frequency Shift of VHF Radar Echoes from Meteor TrailsIndukumar, S; Reddi, C Raghava; Simon, E KIJRSP Vol.16(4) [August 1987]306-312
Meteor wind radar system at Trivandrum (8.5°N, 77°E)Reddi, C Raghava; Rajeev, K; Ramkumar, Geetha; Kamath, K P; Shenoy, K S VIJRSP Vol.21(4) [August 1992]195-211
Planetary scale temperature disturbances in the stratosphere over the Indian zoneDevasia, C V; Reddi, C RaghavaIJRSP Vol.21(1) [February 1992]33-41
Processing and early observations of Indian MST radar data in its ST mode of operationReddi, C Raghava; Nair, S MurleedharanIJRSP Vol.23(6) [December 1994]361-374
Results of Equatorial Wave Campaign of IMAP in May-June 1984Murthy, B V Krishna; Indukumar, S; Reddi, C Raghava; Rao, R Raghava; Rama, G VIJRSP Vol.15(4) [August 1986]125-138
A self-calibrating facility for atmospheric radarsReddi, C Raghava; Ramkumar, GeethaIJRSP Vol.18(2) [April 1989]61-70
Winds in the meteor zone over TrivandrumReddi, C Raghava; Rajeev, K; Ramakumar, GeethaIJRSP Vol.20(2) [April 1991]82-91