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Magnetic disturbance effect on geomagnetic field at low latitudesJames, M E; Rastogi, R G; Winch, D EIJRSP Vol.33(2) [April 2004]88-94
Nature of Equatorial Spread-F Irregularities Derived from Spaced Fading Records at ThumbaChandra, H; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.07(5) [October 1978]266-268
A new look at the ionospheric current systemRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.32(1) [February 2003]21-37
A new relationship between geomagnetic H and Y fields during disturbed conditionsRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.25(5) [October 1996]300-307
Nighttime Ionospheric Scintillations & E- & F-region Irregularities at the Magnetic EquatorRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.11(1) [February 1982]1-14
A Numerical Model for Low-Latitude Ionospheric TECSethia, G; Chandra, H; Deshpande, M R; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.07(3) [June 1978]149-151
A Numerical Model of Equatorial & Low Latitude Total Electron Content for Use by Satellite Tracking Systems for Ionospheric CorrectionsKlobuchar, J A; Iyer, K N; Vats, H O; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.06(3) [September 1977]159-164
On the eastward geomagnetic field variations at electrojet stationsRastogi, R G; Stening, R JIJRSP Vol.31(2) [April 2002]67-74
Onset of Equatorial Radio Scintillations on Different FrequenciesRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.12(5) [October 1983]150-155
Post-midnight Equatorial Spread-FRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.15(1) [February 1986]10-16
Post-sunrise Equatorial Spread-F & Radio ScintillationsRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.12(6) [December 1983]184-189
Preliminary reverse impulse in SC (Y) at off - equatorial stations in IndiaRastogi, R G; Ahmed, KIJRSP Vol.39(4) [August 2010]203-207
Response of equatorial electrojet during the super geomagnetic storm of April 2000Rastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.41(5) [October 2012]524-535
Response of equatorial ionosphere during the super geomagnetic storm of April 2000Rastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.45(2) [June 2016]67-78
Seasonal Variations in the Intensity of Sq Current System & Its Focus Latitude over the Indian RegionPatil, Asha; Arora, B R; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.14(5) [October 1985]131-135
Simultaneous Investigation of Ionospheric E-region Irregularities at Two Low-latitude Stations by Spaced Receiver TechniqueRastogi, R G; Chandra, H; Singhal, K P; Rai, R K; Janve, A V; Kumar, VIJRSP Vol.07(1) [February 1978]6-8
Solar Cycle Effects on Radio Scintillations at HuancayoRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.11(6) [December 1982]215-221
Solar Flare Effect in Equatorial Magnetic Field during Morning Counter ElectrojetRangarajan, G K; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.10(5) [October 1981]190-192
Solar flare effects in geomagnetic field at Indian stations—Part I : Trivandrum, the centre of equatorial electrojetRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.30(1) [February 2001]1-6
Solar flare effects in geomagnetic field at Indian stations—Part II : Annamalainagar, near the edge of electrojetRastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.30(1) [February 2001]7-14