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Modulation of thermal structure in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS) region by inertia gravity waves: A case study inferred from simultaneous MST radar and GPS sonde observationsDas, Siddarth Shankar; Kumar, K K; Uma, K N; Ratnam, M V; Patra, A K; Das, S K; Ghosh, A K; Jain, A RIJRSP Vol.43(1) [February 2014]11-23
Multi-instrument observations of winter solstice F-region irregularities during the low solar activityDashora, N; Taori, A; Patra, A KIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]220-232
On the linkage between mesospheric gravity waves and occurrence of equatorial plasma bubble observed during the low solar activityTaori, A; Kamalakar, V; Joshi, L M; Sripathi, S; Patra, A KIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]264-270
Parameters necessary for the assessment of pre-storm instabilityPatra, A K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.27(4) [August 1998]148-155
Preliminary results on equatorial spread-F irregularities by VHF and HF radarsSekar, R; Kherani, E A; Viswanathan, K S; Patra, A K; Rao, P B; Devasia, C V; Subbarao, K S V; Tiwari, D; Ramachandran, NIJRSP Vol.29(4) [August 2000]262-271
Role of a surface parameter on premonsoon thunderstorm days at DumDum (22.38°N, 88.28°E), CalcuttaPatra, A K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]121-125
Studies on enzymatic pretreatment of linenPatra, A K; Madhu, Amit; Chakraborty, J NIJFTR Vol.35(4) [December 2010]337-341
Studies on pigment dyeing of cotton by exhaust methodPatra, A K; Bhaumik, S; Kaur, HarmandeepIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]450-459
Wet pretreatment of linen by enzyme and alternative bleaching techniquesPatra, A K; Mahish, S S; Chakraborty, J NIJFTR Vol.38(2) [June 2013]150-155