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Effect of solvent and ultrasound on esterification of phenolsRama, K; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.41B(12) December 2002]2604-2605
An efficient and product selective reduction of azoxyarenes into azoarenes or hydrazoarenes bytin/hydrazine hydrateNanjundaswamy, H M; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.45B(04) [April 2006]1086-1089
An efficient and solvent-free one-pot synthesis of nitriles from aldehydesPasha, M A; Nizam, AatikaIJC-B Vol.49B(08) [August 2010]1127-1129
An expeditious synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine derivatives catalyzed by CdCl2Pasha, M A; Jayashankara, V PIJC-B Vol.45B(12) December 2006]2716-2719
Hydro-de-halogenation of α-haloketones by aluminium and ammonium oxalate in refluxing methanolNagaraja, D; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.41B(12) December 2002]2602-2603
MgCl₂•6H₂O/p-TSA catalyzed simple and efficient synthesis of some known and novel quinolinesPasha, M A; Jayashankara, V P; Mahammed, K AIJCB Vol.47B(7) [July 2008]1160-1164
Monohalogenation (bromination and iodination) of electron rich arenes by tetraalkylammonium halides in presence of conc. H2SO4Myint, Yi Yi; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.43B(02) [February 2004]357-360
One pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones/-thiones catalysed by zinc chloride: An improved procedure for the Biginelli reaction using microwaves under solvent free conditionPasha, M A; Swamy, N Ramachandra; Jayashankara, V PIJC-B Vol.44B(04) [April 2005]823-826
One-pot, multicomponent synthesis of 4H-pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles in water at 25°CReddy, M B Madhusudana; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.51B(03) [March 2012]537-541
Preparation of α-iodoacetates from alkenes by Co(OAc)2 catalysed Woodward-Prevost reactionMyint, Yi Yi; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.43B(03) [March 2004]590-592
Rapid Communication Base-catalysed rearrangement of terpinolene oxidePasha, M A; Nagaraja, DIJC-B Vol.40B(12) December 2001]1172-1173
Reduction of nitrosoarenes into anilines by A1/NH4Cl in refluxing methanolNagaraja, D; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.43B(03) [March 2004]593-594
Reductive dehalogenation of α- haloketones with zinc in presence of ammonium salts under sonic conditionsRama, K; Nagendra, E; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.39B(08) [August 2000]563-564
Rhodium chloride catalyzed facile synthesis of ⍺-aminonitrilesPasha, M A; Nanjundaswamy, H M; Jayashankara, V PIJCB Vol.46B(7) [July 2007]1187-1190
Sn/NH4Br assisted selective reduction of nitroarenes into anilines under neutral conditionsPasha, M A; Jayashankara, V PIJC-B Vol.43B(11) [November 2004]2464-2466
Synthesis of anhydrides from acyl halides and zinc carboxylates under aprotic conditionsPasha, M A; Rizwana, SIJC-B Vol.44B(02) [February 2005]420-421
Ultrasound promoted deoximation by FeCl3: A highly efficient, mild and expeditious approachNaik, Ramesh; Pasha, M AIJC-B Vol.44B(04) [April 2005]778-782
Zinc metal assisted hydro-de-halogenation of DDT into DDEthane under sonic conditionsPasha, M A; Nagaraja, DIJC-B Vol.41B(08) [August 2002]1747-1748