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Indexes to Chinese medical literatureAnand, S R; Neelameghan, AALIS Vol.09(3) [September 1962]119-127
INSDOC’S ServicesNeelameghan, AALIS Vol.06(2) [June 1959]60-62
Name of original author merged in title (Cataloguing problems 6)Ranganathan, S R; Neelameghan, AALIS Vol.10(2) [June 1963]78-84
Periodicals and science communicationNeelameghan, AALIS Vol.09(4) [December 1962]182-188
Standard catalogue entry for books in literature citationsNeelameghan, AALIS Vol.07(2) [June 1960]47-52
Technology transfer: A system analysis approach to the study of its featuresNeelameghan, AALIS Vol.20(1-4) [March-December 1973]1-25
Use of symbolic language in teaching (Training in library science 9)Neelameghan, A; Ranganathan, S RALIS Vol.09(3) [September 1962]140-142