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Comparative study of performance and emissions characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with jatropha and karanja biodieselPrasad, Lalit; Pradhan, Subhalaxmi; Madankar, C S; Das, L M; Naik, S NJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]694-698
Conversion of Non-edible Oil into BiodieselKumar, Suresh; Gupta, A K; Naik, S NJSIR Vol.62(01-02) [January-February 2003]124-132
Flowers of Madhuca indica J. F. Gmel.: Present status and future perspectivesPatel, Madhumita; Naik, S NIJNPR Vol.1(4) [December 2010]438-443
Fuel production from biomass: Indian perspective for pyrolysis oilMohanty, Pravakar; Pant, K K; Naik, S N; Das, L M; Vasudevan, PadmaJSIR Vol.70(08) [August 2011]668-674
Gamma-oryzanol from rice bran oil – A reviewPatel, M; Naik, S NJSIR Vol.63(07) [July 2004]569-578
Methanolysis of Pongamia pinnata (karanja) oil for production of biodieselMeher, L C; Naik, S N; Das, L MJSIR Vol.63(11) [November 2004]913-918
Physico-chemical properties of Syzygium cuminii (L.) Skeels jam and comparative antioxidant study with other fruit jams Jaiswal, Swapnil G; Patel, Madhumita; Naik, S NIJNPR Vol.6(1) [March 2015]9-15
Soybean isoflavones: Remedial nutraceuticals in Indian perspectiveUdgata, J R; Naik, S NJSIR Vol.66(1) [January 2007]11-18
Development of antioxidant rich beverage from Mahua (Madhuca indica) and Amla (Emblica officinalis)Patel, M; Jaiswal, S; Naik, B; Naik, M; Saxena, D; Naik, S NJSIR Vol.75(01) [January 2016]35-39