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Ruthenium (I) complexes with 4-ethoxy-phenyl tellurol : X-ray crystal structure of complex [Ru2(CO)4(μ-TeC6H4OCH2CH3-4)2 (μ-dppm)] (dppm=Ph2PCH2PPh2)Begum, Noorjahan; Hyder, Md Iqbal; Islam, Shahidul; Kabir, Shariff E; Kundu, Kalipada; Malik, K M AbdulIJC-A Vol.44A(03) [March 2005]516-520
Ruthenium complexes containing bridging dppm and benzene-1, 2-dithiolato ligands: X-ray crystal structure of [Ru2(CO)4 {μ-S(C6H4)S} (μ-dppm)]Begum, Noorjahan; Hyder, Md Iqbal; Kabir, Shariff E; Kundu, KalipadaIJC-A Vol.44A(03) [March 2005]521-525
Synthesis and characterization of complex [Mn(η1-pyS)( dien)(CO)3] by the reaction of [Mn2(μ-PyS)2(CO)6] (pySH=pyridine-2-thiol) and diethylenetriamine (dien)Ara, Gulsan; Kabir, Shariff E; Kundu, KalipadaIJC-A Vol.41A(08) [August 2002]1619-1620
Synthesis and characterization of 6,7 and 8-coordinate monomeric complexes of tungsten obtained from reaction of [W(CO)3(MeCN)3] with pyridine-2-thiol (pySH) and PPh3Anjumanara; Begum, Noorjahan; Camellia, Farzana K; Kabir, Shariff E; Kundu, KalipadaIJC-A Vol.43A(05) [May 2004]1123-1125
Synthesis and characterization of complexes [5-CpFe(CO)2]2SiMe2 and [(5-Cp)4Fe4(CO)2(SiMe2)2]Safiullah, Syed; Kundu, Kalipada; Karim, M Manzurul; Bhakta, BabulIJC-A Vol.34A(05) [May 1995]398-399
Synthesis and characterization of tris(pyridine-2- thiolato)chromiumKarim, M Manzurul; Kundu, Kalipada; Ullah, S M BashirIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]918
Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of the complex Bu2Sn[Fe( η5-C5H5)( CO )2]2 and


Alam, Fakir R; Debnath, Chhanda; Kundu, Kalipada; Safiullah, SyedIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]313-314