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Non-invasive monitoring of steroid hormones in wildlife for conservation and management of endangered species — A reviewKumar, Vinod; Umapathy, GovindhaswamyIJEB Vol.57(05) [May 2019]307-314
Photoperiodic regulation of seasonal reproduction in higher vertebratesRani, Sangeeta; Kumar, VinodIJEB Vol.52(05) [May 2014]413-419
Synthesis and characterization of novel (fenchonylsulfonyl) oxaziridineMishra, Jitendra Kumar; Kumar, Vinod; Kaushik, Mahabir ParshadIJC-B Vol.45B(03) [March 2006]675-677
Synthesis and NMR spectral studies of some new 1-heteroaryl-5-amino- 3-alkyl/aryl-4-cyanopyrazolesAggarwal, Ranjana; Kumar, Vinod; Singh, Shiv PIJC-B Vol.45B(06) [June 2006]1426-1430
Synthesis and spectral investigations of Co(II) complexes of acid amide ligands derived from 2-aminopyridineGarg, B S; Kumar, Vinod; Reddy, M JIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]726-729
Synthesis and spectral studies of zinc(II) and palladium(II) complexes of amide ligands derived from 2-aminopyridineGarg, Bhagwan S; Kumar, Vinod; Reddy, Malladi JIJC-A Vol.35A(07) [July 1996]598-600
Synthesis of Mn0.2Zn0.8Fe2O4 particles by high energy ball milling and their applicationsKumar, Nitu; Kumar, Vinod; Arora, Manju; Sharma, Monika; Singh, Bhikham; Pant, R PIJEMS Vol.16(6) [December 2009]410-414
Synthesis of some heterocyclic compounds of nitrogenShukla, I C; Yadav, Santosh Kumar; Kumar, Vinod; Kumar, SantoshBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]167-171
Synthesis of some new 1-(6-fluorobenzothiazol-2-yl)- 3-(4-fluoro- phenyl)-5-arylpyrazolines and their iodine(III) mediated oxidation to corresponding pyra-zolesAggarwal, Ranjana; Kumar, Vinod; Singh, Shiv PIJCB Vol.46B(8) [August 2007]1332-1336
Wear resistance of leaded aluminium alloy prepared by mechanical alloyingKumar, Vinod; Yanthan, Albert; Soni, P R; Rajan, T VIJEMS Vol.10(5) [October 2003]413-415