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A short synthesis and revised structure of centdarolAgarwal, S K; Lakshmi, Vijai; Chaudhuri, P K; Pant, P; Kumar, SushilIJC-B Vol.39B(02) [February 2000]132-134
Simultaneous dyeing and finishing of cotton fabric using reactive dyes and citric acidMalik, S K; Kumar, SushilIJFTR Vol.30(4) [December 2005]444-450
Soil-borne Plant Diseases and Their ManagementJohri, Jayendra Kumar; Singh, Harikesh Bahadur; Kumar, SushilBVAAP Vol.06(2) [December 1998]65-68
Some features of plasma bubble induced scintillations during the AICPITS campaigns of 1991Vijayakumar, P N; Tyagi, T R; Singh, Lakha; Chandra, H; Vyas, G D; Rao, D R K; Pathan, B M; Iype, A; Ramsekaran, B; Naidu, A; Sadique, S M; Iyer, K N; Pathak, K N; Gwal, A K; Kumar, Sushil; Singh, R P; Singh, U P; Singh, Birbal; Kumar, Pawan; Navneeth, G N; Koparkar, P V S; Ramarao, P V S; Jaychandran, P T; Sriram, P; Sethuraman, R; Dasgupta, A; Basu, K; Rastogi, R GIJRSP Vol.36(2) [April 2007]91-102
Biodiesel production from seed oil of Cleome viscosa L.Kumari, Rashmi; Jain, Vinod Kumar; Kumar, SushilIJEB Vol.50(07) [July 2012]502-510
Variability in the accessions from Aravali range assessed for domestication of the Cleomaceae biodiesel plant Cleome viscosa Linn.Kumari, Rashmi; Tyagi, Anshika; Sharma, Vishakha; Jain, Vinod Kumar; Kumar, SushilIJNPR Vol.3(2) [June 2012]246-255
Two new anthraquinone derivatives from Rheum emodiAgarwal, Santosh K.; Singh, Sudhir S.; Verma, Sushma; Kumar, SushilIJC-B Vol.38B(06) [June 1999]749-751
Studies on Production of -3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine by Clay Adsorbed Tyrosinase Sharma, Neeru Munjal; Kumar, Sushil; Sawhney, Surender KJSIR Vol.62(09) [September 2003]921-925
1,3 -Benzodioxole -5-(2,4,8-triene- methyl nonaoate) and 1,3 -benzodioxole -5-(2,4,8-triene-isobutyl nonaoate) from Piper mullesuaSrivastava, Shaifali; Gupta, Madan M; Tripathi, Arun K; Kumar, SushilIJC-B Vol.39B(12) December 2000]946-949
An analysis of vascular system in the compound tendrilled afila leaf in Pisum sativum Sharma, Vishakha; Kumar, Arvind; Kumar, SushilIJEB Vol.52(06) [June 2014]664-668
Aryl, lipid and triterpenoid constituents from Oenothera biennisShukla, Y N; Srivastava, Anil; Kumar, SushilIJC-B Vol.38B(06) [June 1999]705-708
Stress evaluation of RF sputtered silicon dioxide films for MEMSBhatt, Vivekanand; Chandra, Sudhir; Kumar, Sushil; Rauthan, C M S; Dixit, P NIJPAP Vol.45(4) [April 2007]377-381
Studies on Methane Emission form Bhalswa Landfill, Delhi, and Anaerobic Digestion of Landfill Wastes (MSW) for Biogas ProductionSahu, K D P; Kumar, Sushil; Jain, M C; Gupta, NavinduBVAAP Vol.09(1) [June 2001]35-40
Synthesis of (+) Catechin Penta-acetate by Callus Culture of Himalayan Yew, Taxus wallichiana Zucc.Agrawal, Shipra; Banerjee, Suchitra; Chattopadhyay, Sunil K; Shashidhar, K V; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Kumar, SushilIJBT Vol.02(2) [April 2003]264-267
Systematics of alpha decay hindrance factors in doubly-even nucleiKumar, Sushil; Singh, Sukhjeet; Singh, Balraj; Jain, A KIJPAP Vol.58(04) [April 2020]304-307
Two new aliphatic compounds from the leaves of Ziziphus mauritianaAgarwal, Santosh K; Singh, Sudhir S; Verma, Sushma; Kumar, SushilIJC-B Vol.39B(11) [November 2000]872-874