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Potentiation of antinociceptive effect of NSAIDs by a specific lipooxygenase inhibitor, acetyl 11-keto-beta boswellic acidBishnoi, Mahendra; Patil, Chandrashekar S; Kumar, Anil; Kulkarni, Shrinivas KIJEB Vol.44(02) [February 2006]128-132
Prediction of Apparent Molal Volumes in Pure Water & Sea Water by Brcnsted-Guggenheim TheoryKumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]633-636
Preparation of carbamate modified alumina supported heterobinuclear macrocyclic cobalt/vanadium complex for n-octane oxidation reactionKishore, M Jhansi L; Mishra, G S; Kumar, AnilIJC-B Vol.44B(02) [February 2005]349-355
Protective effect of Withania somnifera Dunal on the behavioral and biochemical alterations in sleep-disturbed mice (Grid over water suspended method)Kumar, Anil; Kalonia, HarikeshIJEB Vol.45(06) [June 2007]524-528
Protective role of sertraline against 3-nitropropionic acid-induced cognitive dysfunction and redox ratio in striatum, cortex and hippocampus of rat brainKumar, Puneet; Kumar, AnilIJEB Vol.47(09) [September 2009]715-722
Protocol for improved extraction and PCR amplification of genomic DNA from liverwort, Plagiochasma appendiculatumSoni, Arvind; Kumar, AnilIJEB Vol.47(11) [November 2009]921-924
PUBLICATION PRODUCTIVITY OF THE BIO-ORGANIC DIVISION AT BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE: A SCIENTOMETRIC STUDYKademani, B S; Kumar, Vijai; Kumar, Anil; Sagar, Anil; Mohan, Lalit; Surwase, Ganesh; Gaderao, C RALIS Vol.52(4) [December 2005]135-146
Radiation from an Alford Loop Antenna in Two component Warm PlasmaKumar, Anil; Gupta, R KIJRSP Vol.11(6) [December 1982]247-251
A rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of molybdenum using ferron in industrial and environmental samplesKumar, Anil; Dass, RameshwarIJCA Vol.47A(10) [October 2008]1533-1536
Redox reaction between [Bu4N]2[MoVIO2(mnt)2] and thiophenol in relevance to the autoreduction in the crystallization process of oxidized form of sulfite oxidaseChaudhury, Pradeep K; Nagarajan, Kowliki; Kumar, Anil; Maiti, Rabindranath; Das, Samar K; Sarkar, SabyasachiIJC-A Vol.42A(09) [September 2003]2223-2227
Reduction of carbonyl compounds with sodium borohydride in the presence of clays in aprotic solventsKumar, Anil; Chauhan, S M SIJC-B Vol.45B(04) [April 2006]1038-1040
A simple and efficient bromoazidation of alkenes using PTT and TMSN3 in ionic liquidKumar, Anil; Rao, M Sudershan; Mehta, VibhorIJC-B Vol.50B(08) [August 2011]1123-1127
A simple and efficient PTT-mediated synthesis of ⍺-azidoketones in [bmim][BF4] ionic liquidKumar, Anil; Ahmed, Israr; Rao, M Sudershan; Patel, Gautam; Kumar, DalipIJC-B Vol.48B(04) [April 2009]611-616
A simple method to predict the solvation free energy and enthalpy of electrolytes in aqueous and non-aqueous solutionsBadarayani, Rohini; Kumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.39A(06) [June 2000]584-588
Recent studies on cloud and precipitation phenomena for propagation characteristics over India Sarkar, S K; Kumar, AnilIJRSP Vol.36(6) [December 2007]502-513
Solubility of CaSO3 in aqueous sucrose solutions from 288 to 368 KMalghe, Yuvraj S; Kumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.37A(01) [January 1998]56-58
Solution Densities of Aqueous Potassium Chloride-Barium Chloride Mixtures at 298.15 K & Different Ionic StrengthsKumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.27A(06) [June 1988]479-481
Solvation of N-based cationic polyelectrolytes : Viscosity studies in propylene carbonate and sulpholaneSingh, Meenakshi; Kumar, Anil; Prasad, B BIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]489-494
The solvent activity-composition correlation for systems continuously miscible from molten salt to dilute solutionSonawane, Pramod D; Kumar, AnilIJC-A Vol.41A(06) [June 2002]1112-1119
Some Novel Adducts of N-{Substitutedphenyljcyclo hex y1)-2-mercaptoacetamide with Tin(II) ChlorideMehrotra, R C; Sharma, (Miss) Hemant; Kumar, Anil; Sharma, Vinod; Bachlas, B PIJC-A Vol.21A(11) [November 1982]1074-1075