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New cell surface bound lectins with complex carbohydrate specificity from members of green algaeSingh, Ram S; Walia, Amandeep K; Kaur, Jaspreet; Singh, Davinder P; Rajput, AlkaIJEB Vol.56(07) [July 2018]484-492
Protein translocation pathways across the inner and outer mitochondrial membranesKaur, Jaspreet; Kaul, GautamIJBB Vol.45(3) [June 2008]149-156
Role of proton transfer reactions in the thermolysis of alkyl and arylammonium saltsSingh, Gurdip; Kapoor, Inder Pal Singh; Singh, Jyotsna; Kaur, JaspreetIJC-B Vol.39B(01) [January 2000]1-9
Sequential acid-autoclave and microwave-alkali pretreatment of rice straw for bioethanol productionKaur, Jaspreet; Taggar, Monica S; Kocher, Gurvinder S; Javed, MohammedIJCT Vol.25(5) [September 2018]431-440
Studies on (non) energetic compounds (Part 22) - Preparation and thermal decomposition of ring substituted arylammonium fluoridesSingh, Gurdip; Kapoor, Inder Pal Singh; Kaur, JaspreetIJEMS Vol.07(4) [August 2000]229-235
Studies on (non) energetic compounds: Part 10-Ring substituted arylammonium chloridesSingh, Gurdip; Kapoor, Inder Pal Singh; Kaur, JaspreetIJC-B Vol.38B(01) [January 1999]56-66
Sulphonation of arylamines: Part 13—Kinetics and mechanistic aspects of solid state sulphonation of dichloroanilinesSingh, Gurdip; Srivastava, Jaya; Kaur, JaspreetIJCT Vol.10(5) [September 2003]510-518
Teaching and Learning Evolutionary Biology at Undergraduate LevelKaur, JaspreetSR Vol.55(08) [August 2018]43-44