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Complexes of Aluminium(III), Titanium(lV) & Niobium(V) with Salicy lidene- 2-aminopyridineUttamchandani, J; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(03) [March 1985]242-243
Complexes of Dichlorobis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV) with Dithizones & S-MethyldithizoneSingh, Y; Sharan, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(02) [February 1985]115-117
Coordination Compounds of Titanium(IV), Zirconium(IV) & Hafnium(IV) with 1,3- DiphenylthioureaGaur, G; Singh, Y; Singh, B; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(11) [November 1985]968-969
Ligating Behaviour of Amino Acids towards Lanthanide Ions: Studies in Aqueous and Non-aqueous MediumRastogi, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.22A(01) [January 1983]78-79
Reactions of Dichlorobis(methylcyclo-pentadienyl)titanium(IV) with MercaptoacetamidesSingh, Y; Sharan, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.25A(08) [August 1986]771-773
Reactions of Hafnium(IV) Isopropoxide Isopropanol with OximesTyagi, S B; Singh, B; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.26A(02) [February 1987]162-164
Reactions of Niobium & Tantalum Penta-chlorides with Hydroxy EstersNarula, A K; Singh, B; Kapoor, P N; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]166-168
Reactions of Tetra(isopropoxy)hafnium Isopropanol with SemicarbazonesTyagi, S B; Singh, B; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(11) [November 1985]965-967
Some trans-Cinnamic & Dihydrocinnamic Acid Derivatives of Aluminium(III) & Titanium(IV)Singh, R; Narula, A K; Kapoor, R N; Kapoor, P NIJC-A Vol.22A(02) [February 1983]156-158
Syntheses & Characterization of Titanium(IV) Compounds with 1,5-DiarylthiocarbazonesSingh, Y; Sharan, R; Kapoor, R NIJC-A Vol.24A(11) [November 1985]972-974