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Importance of coherence_length in explaining_superconducting behaviour of cuprate superconductorsGahtori, Bhaskar; Lal, Ratan; Joshi, S KIJPAP Vol.40(08) [August 2002]574-576
The problem of conducting and superconducting fulleridesLal, Ratan; Joshi, S KIJC-A Vol.31A&B(05) [May 1992]F100-F103
Quantum metrology and fundamental constantsJoshi, S KIJRSP Vol.19(5&6) [October & December 1990]259-264
Resistivity studies on Al-Zn-Mg systemJoshi, S K; Mehta, Lalit; Deshpande, A PIJPAP Vol.40(07) [July 2002]482-488
Studies on Al-Si-X samples (where X= Mn, Fe)Mehta, Lalit; Joshi, S K; Deshpande, A PIJPAP Vol.40(07) [July 2002]520-523
X-ray absorption near edge structure studies of some mixed ligand cobalt(II) complexesShrivastava, B D; Gupta, G D; Joshi, S K; Solanki, S KIJC-A Vol.34A(03) [March 1995]191-195
X-ray absorption studies of copper (II) mixed ligand complexes with benzimidazole as one of the ligandsHinge, V K; Joshi, S K; Shrivastava, B D; Prasad, J; Srivastava, KIJPAP Vol.49(03) [March 2011]168-172
X-ray K-absorption fine structure studies on some copper(II) complexesVyas, R K; Joshi, S K; Shrivastava, B D; Shah, M C; Prasad, JIJPAP Vol.43(07) [July 2005]509-516
X-ray K-absorption spectral studies of some copper (II) mixed ligand complexes with glycine as primary ligandShrivastava, B D; Mishra, A; Joshi, S K; Mandloi, S NIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]929-936
XANES and EXAFS studies of some copper (II) mixed-ligand complexesKatare, R K; Joshi, S K; Shrivastava, B D; Patel, R N; Mishra, AIJPAP Vol.40(12) [December 2002]908-913