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Calcite and aragonite saturation in the Hugli estuary (Bay of Bengal)Ghosh, S K; Mahapatra, B; De, T K; Choudhury, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.21(3) [September 1992]207-209
Chemical composition and solubility of biogenous calcium carbonate in the estuarine waters of the Hugli river, IndiaGhosh, S K; Saha, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.24(3) [September 1995]128-132
Chemical oceanography of the Arabian Sea: Part IV Laccadive SeaGupta, R Sen; Moraes, Caroline; Kureishy, T W; Yanan, V N Sankaranara; Jana, T K; Naqvi, S W A; Rajagopal, M DIJMS Vol.08(4) [December 1979]215-221
Oxygen deficiency in Hooghly estuary, east coast of IndiaGhosh, S K; De, T K; Choudhury, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.20(3) [September 1991]216-217
Physico-chemical characterisation of the extrapallial fluid of a common tellinid bivalve Macoma birmanica (Philippi) in the mudflats of Sundarbans mangrove, Bay of BengalSaha, A; Mukhopadhyay, S K; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.29(2) [June 2000]158-164
Phytoplankton bloom in the Hooghly estuaryDe, T K; Ghosh, S K; Jana, T K; Choudhury, AIJMS Vol.20(2) [June 1991]134-137
Phytoplankton community organization and species diversity in the Hugli estuary, northeast coast of IndiaDe, T K; Choudhury, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.23(3) [September 1994]152-156
Semiconservative behavior of Ca and Mg in Hooghly estuary, east coast of IndiaGhosh, S K; De, T K; Choudhury, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.20(3) [September 1991]218-220
Diurnal variation of carbon dioxide and methane exchange above Sundarbans mangrove forest, in NW coast of India Mukhophadhya, S K; Biswas, H; Das, K L; De, T K; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.30(2) [June 2001]70-74
Biocalcification of aragonite by tellinid bivalve Macoma birmanica (Philippi) on the tidal mudflat in the Sundarban mangrove forest, north-east coast of IndiaSaha, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.28(4) [December 1999]404-407
μ-Oxodecafluororhenates(IV)Jana, T K; Sen (Nee Rakshit), S; Bandyopadhyay, P; Sen, B KIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]689-690