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Some Analytical Applications of N..Chlorosuccinimide: Direct Potentiometric & Visual Titrations in Aqueous Acetic Acid MediumJayasree, N; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.25A(09) [September 1986]852-854
Some lanthanide (III) nitrate complexes of N-(4' -benzoylidene-3'-methyl-1' -phenylpyrazol- 5' -one )isonicotinylhydrazineIndrasenan, P; Sarojini, K RIJC-A Vol.30A(04) [April 1991]382-384
Synthesis & Characterisation of Some Lanthanide Perchlorate Complexes of 4-NitrosoantipyrineJayasankar, H; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.27A(04) [April 1988]362-363
Synthesis & Characterization of Some Lanthanide Perchlorate & Nitrate Complexes of 4-(Pyridine- 3-carboxalidene)aminoantipyrineRadhakrishnan, P S; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.28A(03) [March 1989]234-236
Synthesis and infrared spectral studies of some lanthanide complexes with leucineIndrasenan, P; Lakshmy, MIJC-A Vol.36A(11) [November 1997]998-1000
Thermal decomposition kinetics of some aniline complexes of zinc group metalsSikha, T S; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.43A(07) [July 2004]1393-1402
Thorium Nitrate Complexes of Some Schiff Bases Derived from Substituted Benzaldehydes & Amino CompoundsKuncheria, Babu; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.27A(12) [December 1988]1109-1110
Thorium(IV) Nitrate Complexes with Some Substituted Pyrazol-5-onesKuncheria, Babu; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.27A(11) [November 1988]1005-1007
Titrimetric Determinations using Dichlorohydantoin & Dibromohydantoin in Aqueous Acetic Acid MediumRadhamma, M P; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.23A(09) [September 1984]794-795
Uranyl Nitrate Complexes of Some Schiff Bases Derived from Substituted Benzaldehydes & Amino CompoundsDevi, G Sobhana; Indrasenan, PIJC-A Vol.27A(09) [September 1988]809-811