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Cleavage of Co-C bond in allyl cobaloximes with arenesulphenyl chlorideGupta, B D; Dixit, Vandana; Singh, Veena; Kanth, V VijaiIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]830-834
Homolytic bimolecular displacement at carbon in organocobaloximes: Intramolecular cyclizationsGupta, B D; Kanth, V Vijai; Das, IIJC-A Vol.39A(08) [August 2000]835-837
Homolytic displacement at carbon in organocobaloximes: Part 9­-Reactions of organocobaloximes with thiophene 2-sul-phonylchlorideGupta, B D; Das, IndiraIJC-A Vol.35A(12) [December 1996]1111-1113
Homolytic displacement at saturated carbon in organocobaloximes: Part VI† - Synthesis of benzyl sulphonesGupta, B D; Das, Indira; Dixit, YandanaIJC-A Vol.32A(09) [September 1993]762-766
Homolytic displacement at saturated carbon: Part 7-Synthesis of cyclic, bicyclic and spirocyclic sulphones from the corresponding butenyl cobaloximes with thiophene- 2-sulphonyl chlorideGupta, B D; Das, Indira; Dixit, VandanaIJC-A Vol.32A(12) [December 1993]1019-1022
Homolytic displacements at carbon in organocobaloximes: Reactions of organocobaloximes with free radical precursor with two radical centresGupta, B D; Oberoi, Moni; Mandal, D; Tiwari, Usha; Yamuna, R; Kanth, V Vijai; Singh, VeenaIJC-A Vol.40A(09) [September 2001]986-988
Novel synthesis of allyl and cyclopropylcarbinyl thiocyanates by the reaction of organocobaloximes with thiocyanogenGupta, B D; Mandal, Debprasad; Dixit, VandanaIJC-A Vol.41A(05) [May 2002]970-972
Studies on cis and trans influence in alkylcobaloximes with different axial basesGupta, B D; Qanungo, Kushal; Singh, Veena; ShobiniIJC-A Vol.37A(08) [August 1998]707-711
Water Soluble Cellulose Acetate and Its ApplicationMukherjee, K; Agarwal, R K; Chaturvedi, H K; Gupta, B DIJFTR Vol.06(3) [September 1981]120-123