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Modified ionic gelation method preparation of hydrogel microbeads of a water soluble drugSachan, Nikhil Kumar; Pushkar, Seema; Ghosh, S KBVAAP Vol.20(2) [December 2012]171-176
Molecular cloning and expression of buffalo SRY gene: A mammalian sex determination proteinShende, A M; Kutty, V H M; Ramteke, S S; Ghosh, S K; Prasad, J K; Bhure, S KIJBT Vol.13(3) [July 2014]364-369
Multi Attribute Decision Making for Determining Optimum Process Parameter in EDC with Si and Cu Mixed Powder Green Compact ElectrodesChakraborty, S; Kar, S; Dey, V; Ghosh, S KJSIR Vol.77(04) [April 2018]229-236
Oxygen deficiency in Hooghly estuary, east coast of IndiaGhosh, S K; De, T K; Choudhury, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.20(3) [September 1991]216-217
PC-based observation control of balloon-borne telescopeDas, B; Ghosh, S KIJRSP Vol.20(3&4) [June & August 1991]280-282
Performance of Ramie-Polypropylene BlendsGupta, N P; Ghosh, S KIJFTR Vol.09(2) [June 1984]74-76
Physical Properties of Date-Palm Leaf FibreGhosh, S K; Saha, S C; Mojumder, PIJFTR Vol.11(1) [March 1986]52-53
Phytoplankton bloom in the Hooghly estuaryDe, T K; Ghosh, S K; Jana, T K; Choudhury, AIJMS Vol.20(2) [June 1991]134-137
Potentiality of cotton nonwoven fabricsRakshit, Arup K; Ghosh, S K; Talukdar, M KSpecial issue: IJFTR Vol.19(3) [September 1994]224-227
Semiconservative behavior of Ca and Mg in Hooghly estuary, east coast of IndiaGhosh, S K; De, T K; Choudhury, A; Jana, T KIJMS Vol.20(3) [September 1991]218-220
Solid State Interaction in Chromia-promoted Iron Oxide CatalystMaiti, G C; Ghosh, S KIJC-A Vol.24A(06) [June 1985]513-515
Solubilities and thermodynamics of transfer of o- and m-substituted benzoic acids in aqueous binary mixtures of 2-methoxyethanol and 1,2-dimethoxyethaneGhosh, S K; Hazra, D KIJC-A Vol.29A(10) [October 1990]953-957
Space-borne infrared spectro-photometer for astronomyGhosh, S KIJRSP Vol.28(4) [August 1999]191-201
Pharmacognostical and larvicidal evaluation of Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb. from Western GhatsPrashanthi, P; Rajamma, A J; Sateesha, S B; Chandan, K; Tiwari, S N; Ghosh, S KIJNPR Vol.7(2) [June 2016]141-149
Studies on mechanical properties and atmospheric dyeing of solvent pretreated polyester multifilament yarnSamanta, A K; Sur, D; Chattapadhaya, D P; Ghosh, S K; Mondal, S NIJFTR Vol.20(1) [March 1995]23-26
Studies on the Hydrolytic Reactions of Oxochloro Complexes of Quinquevalent Chromium & Synthesis of Oxalato DerivativesSaha, H K; Ghosh, S K; Chaudhuri, T K RayIJC-A Vol.22A(04) [April 1983]346-347
Synthesis of 25-oxygenated D: A-friedooleananes: Part V — Conversion of putranjivadione (D: A-friedoolean-3, 7-dione) to 25-formyl D: A-friedoolean-3-oneGhosh, S K; Dutta, S K; Roy, M; Majumdar, Kakoli; Das, SaktipadaIJC-B Vol.41B(09) [September 2002]1960-1961
Tensile Behaviour and Processing of Bleached Yam from Pineapple Leaf FibreGhosh, S K; Day, A; Dey, S KIJFTR Vol.13(1) [March 1988]17-20