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Base catalysed hydrolysis of β2-cis-(chloro)(benzimidazole)(trienthylenetetramine)cobalt(III)cation: A comparison of the reactivities of the benzimidazole and benzimidazolato species of the complexDash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra K; Acharya, Achyuta NIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]747-751
Complex formation of cobalt(II) with 2-(imidazoleazo )benzene and 2-(2-aminoethyl)benzimidazole: A kinetic and equilibrium studyDash, Anadi C; Acharya, Achyutananda; Sahoo, Rama KIJC-A Vol.37A(09) [September 1998]759-764
Complexation of Some Divalent Metal Ions by Pentaammineglycinatocobalt(III), Pentaammine-β-alaninatocobalt(III), cis-Bis(ethylenediamine) diglycinatocobalt(III) & ɑ-cis(trien)diglycinatocobalt(III)Mohanty, Prakash; Tripathy, Pratap C; Dash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra KIJC-A Vol.26A(05) [May 1987]392-395
Copper & Silver Catalysed Oxidation of Oxalatopentaamminecobalt(III) by Potassium PeroxydisulphateDash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra K; Mohanty, PrakashIJC-A Vol.23A(01) [January 1984]11-13
Effect of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide on Kinetics of Base Hydrolysis of cis-(Ammine) (5-nitro-salicylato)bis- (ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) Cation in Aqueous MediumDash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.23A(05) [May 1984]421-423
Effect of Iron(III) on Acid-catalysed Aquation of Phosphatopentaammine-cobalt(III): Evidence of Negative Catalysis by lron(III)Dash, Anadi C; Dash, Madhu SIJC-A Vol.24A(07) [July 1985]605-606
Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate on Protonation Equilibrium of (Salicylato)bis(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III): Test of Validity of Pseudo-phase Ion-Exchange Model for SDS MicellesDash, Anadi C; Nayak, Ramesh CIJC-A Vol.27A(10) [October 1988]862-867
Effect of solvent on reactions of coordination complexes-Thorium (IV)-catalysed aquation of oxalatopentaamminecobalt (III) in aqueous-alcohol media†Dash, Anadi C; Pradhan, JyotsnamayeeIJC-A Vol.29A(04) [April 1990]379-382
Effect of solvent on reactions of coordination complexes: Part 11†―Kinetics of solvolysis of cis-(chloro) (cyclohexylamine) bis(ethylenediamine) cobalt (III) in acetone + water mediaDash, Anadi C; Pradhan, JyotsnamayeeIJC-A Vol.29A(02) [February 1990]167-170
Effect of Solvent on Reactions of Coordination Complexes: Part 6 - Kinetics of Solvolysis of cis-(Bromo)(2-aminothiazole)bis(ethylenediamine)cobalt (III) in Acetone + Water MediaDash, Anadi C; Pradhan, JyotsnamayeeIJC-A Vol.27A(09) [September 1988]772-777
Effect of solvent on the reaction of coordination complexes. Part 26#— Kinetics of solvolysis of trans-(chloro)bis(ethylenediamine)(glycinato-O)cobalt(III) in methanol + water and propan-2-ol + water: delineation of preferential solvationDas, Prafulla K; Dash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.41A(11) [November 2002]2256-2259
Effect of solvent on the reactions of coordination complexes: Part 23# - Kinetics of base hydrolysis of someraminomonocarboxylato) (tetraethylenepentamine )cobalt (lII) complexes in dimethyl sulphoxide + water mediaDash, Anadi C; Das, SmrutipravaIJC-A Vol.36A(10) [October 1997]849-856
Electron transfer between aquapentaamminecobalt(lll) and sulphur(IV) in aquo-organic solvent media: Delineation of solvent effectsDash, Anadi C; Patnaik, Ajay K; Bramha, Gouri SIJC-A Vol.36A(04) [April 1997]260-267
Kinetics & Equilibrium Studies on Reversible Formation of N-Salicylidene 2-Aminomethylbenzimidazole & Its Copper(II) ComplexDash, Anadi C; Panda, Debaraj; Dash, BhaskarIJC-A Vol.25A(02) [February 1986]141-146
Kinetics & Mechanism of Acid, Base & Mercury(II) Ion Catalyzed Hydrolyses of cis-(Isothiocyanato)bis(ethylenediamine)(imidazole)cobalt(III) & cis-(Azido)bis(ethylenediamine)imidazole)cobalt(III) CationsDash, Anadi C; Mohanty, Brundaban; Mohapatra, Suresh KIJC-A Vol.23A(04) [April 1984]312-320
Kinetics & Mechanism of Aquation of α-cis-(Ammine)(oxalato) (triethylenetetramine)cobalt(III) CationDash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.23A(02) [February 1984]94-97
Kinetics & Mechanism of Cerium(IV) Oxidation of Oxalatopentaammine-cobalt(III) Ion in Perchloric Acid MediumDash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra K; Mohanty, PrakashIJC-A Vol.23A(02) [February 1984]162
Kinetics & Mechanism of Complex Formation between Aluminium(III) & 3-Nitrosalicylate IonDash, Anadi CIJC-A Vol.22A(09) [September 1983]803-805
Kinetics & Mechanism of Hydrolysis of Bis(N-2-aminopyridyl)phenylmethaneDash, Anadi C; Patra, Moheswar; Dash, Bhaskar; Mahapatra, Prasanna KIJC-A Vol.22A(11) [November 1983]944-947
Kinetics and mechanism of acid and base hydrolysis of cis-(bioxalato) (imidazole)bis(ethylenediamine)cobalt (III) ion: A study of the role of the coordinated imidazole and its anionDash, Anadi C; Nanda, Rabindra K; Acharya, Achyuta NIJC-A Vol.31A(11) [November 1992]832-837