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Light absorption characteristics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the coastal waters of northern Bay of Bengal during winter seasonDas, Sourav; Hazra, Sugata; Giri, Sandip; Das, Isha; Chanda, Abhra; Akhand, Anirban; Maity, SouravIJMS Vol.46(05) [May 2017]884-892
Microphytoplankton species assemblages, species-specific carbon stock and nutrient stoichiometry in the shallow continental shelf of the northern Bay of Bengal during winterAkhand, Anirban; Chanda, Abhra; Dutta, Sachinandan; Manna, Sudip; Giri, Sandip; Das, Sourav; Mukhopadhyay, Anirban; Lotliker, Aneesh A; Chakraborty, Kunal; Sarkar, Neera Sen; Sanyal, Pranabes; Hazra, Sugata; Choudhury, S.B.; Rao, K.H.IJMS Vol.46(09) [September 2017]1827-1835
A study on seasonal change in feeding habit, health status and reproductive biology of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta, Cuvier) in coastal water of West Bengal.Das, Isha; Hazra, Sugata; Bhattacharya, Subhra Bikash; Das, Sourav; Giri, SandipIJMS Vol.45(02) [February 2016]254-260
Synthesis, characterization and dielectric properties of nanocrystalline nickelDas, Sourav; Lalla, N P; Okram, G SIJPAP Vol.52(06) [June 2014]386-390
Tide induced annual variability of selected physico-chemical characteristics in the northern Bay of Bengal (nBoB) with a Special emphasis on Tropical Cyclone-Phailin, 2013.Das, Sourav; Giri, Sandip; Das, Isha; Chanda, Abhra; Akhand, Anirban; Mukhopadhyay, Anirban; Maity, Sourav; Hazra, SugataIJMS Vol.45(08) [August 2016]952-959