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Reconstruction of in vitro matured goat oocytes by using synchronized skin fibroblast cells as donor nucleiDas, S K; Majumdar, A CIJBT Vol.3(3) [July 2004]435-440
Relationship between otolith morphometry and fish size of Otolithoides pama (Hamilton, 1822) from Hooghly-Matlah estuary, IndiaBhakta, D; Das, S K; Das, B K; Behera, S; Nagesh, T SIJMS Vol.49(10) [October 2020]1636-1642
Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution by adsorption onto low cost non-conventional adsorbentsBhattacharya, A K; Mandal, S N; Das, S KIJCT Vol.13(6) [November 2006]576-583
Purification of heparin binding oviduct specific proteins and its effect on in vitro embryo development in cattleSharma, Aditya K; Mohapatra, Sushil K; Mohanty, A K; Das, S KIJEB Vol.51(05) [May 2013]347-351
Chemical Constituents of Plumbago indica roots and reactions of Plumbagin: Part IIDinda, B; Das, S K; Hajra, A K; Bhattacharya, A; De, K; Chel, G; Achari, BIJC-B Vol.38B(05) [May 1999]577-582
Studies on diagnostic potential of secretory antigens of Mycobacterium bovisTrivedi, Shweta; Das, S K; Kumar, Rajesh; Chandra, RajeshIJEB Vol.44(01) [January 2006]14-18
Underwater Terrain Mapping with a 5-DOF AUVShikha; Das, S K; Pal, D; Nandy, S; Shome, S N; Banerjee, SomaIJMS Vol.43(1) [January 2014]106-110
Vitrification of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) fetal skin fibroblast cellsMeena, C R; Das, S KIJBT Vol.5(2) [April 2006]236-238