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Oxidative decolourisation of methylene blue using heat-treated sea nodule residueSatapathy, P K; Acharya, B; Das, N NIJCT Vol.18(6) [November 2011]483-487
Physico-chemical properties of copper substituted lanthanum manganate and their catalytic activity for H2O2 decomposition and CO oxidationDas, N N; Parida, K M; Tripathy, B C; Rao, S BIJC-A Vol.33A(09) [September 1994]820-825
Physicochemical characterizations and sorption properties of deposited scale from hard waterBehera, R K; Das, P S; Das, R; Das, N NIJCT Vol.20(2) [March 2013]95-100
Reductive dissolution of hematite in hydrochloric acid medium by some inorganic and organic reductants: A comparative studyParida, K M; Das, N NIJEMS Vol.03(6) [December 1996]243-247
SEM and IR studies on scouring and bleaching of linenGoswami, K K; Das, N N; Mukherjee, A KIJFTR Vol.20(1) [March 1995]27-33
Surface acidity and textural properties of Indian Ocean managanese nodulesParida, K M; Satapathy, P K; Das, N N; Rao, S BIJC-A Vol.34A(08) [August 1995]632-634
Synthesis, characterisation and substitution reaction of trans-(diaqua) (N ,Nʹ-ethylene-bis-salicylamide )chromium(III) ionDash, S C; Brahma, G S; Dash, R; Das, N N; Mohanty, PIJC-A Vol.45A(11) [November 2006]2406-2411
Thermal behaviour of spray dried PZT and PLNZT powdersMahato, Dev K; Chaudhary, R K; Das, N N; Srivastava, S CIJPAP Vol.41(10) [October 2003]767-770
Upgradation of jute fibre by post-retting chemical treatment at never-dried stageSarkar, A K; Saha, M; Chakraborty, S K; Adhikari, D; Basak, R K; Das, N NIJFTR Vol.21(3) [September 1996]210-216