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Fabric assistance in woven structures made from different spun yarnsRengasamy, R S; Ishtiaque, S M; Das, B R; Ghosh, AIJFTR Vol.33(4) [December 2008]377-382
Flexing behaviour of high strength coated fabricsBharathi, D; Alagirusamy, R; Joshi, M; Prasad, N Eswara; Das, B RIJFTR Vol.45(4) [December 2020]381-387
Mixed Ligand Chelates of Trivalent Lanthanides & YttriumDutta, R L; Das, B RIJC-A Vol.24A(06) [June 1985]493-497
Some Lanthanide Complexes of 2-Benzoylpyridine Benzoylhydrazone & 2-Benzoylpyridine SalicyloylhydrazoneDutta, R L; Das, B RIJC-A Vol.23A(08) [August 1984]654-656
Some Selected Lanthanide Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived by Condensing Salicylaldehyde, o-Hydroxyacetophenone & 2-Hydroxynaphthaldehyde with Benzoyl & 2-Picoloyl HydrazidesDutta, R L; Das, B RIJC-A Vol.22A(03) [March 1983]207-210
Some Selected Lanthanide Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived from Salicylaldehyde & 2-Quinolinoyl & 8-Quinolinoyl HydrazinesDutta, R L; Das, B RIJC-A Vol.23A(06) [June 1984]524-526
Static and dynamic failure mechanisms of cotton yarnsIshtiaque, S M; Das, B R; Kumar, A; Ramamoorthy, MIJFTR Vol.33(2) [June 2008]111-118
Structural and tensile properties of ring and compact plied yarnsIshtiaque, S M; Subramani, P; Kumar, A; Das, B RIJFTR Vol.34(3) [September 2009]213-218
Tensile failure of blended spun yarns under dynamic condition: Part I –Yarn failure during warpingIshtiaque, S M; Rengasamy, R S; Das, B RIJFTR Vol.41(3) [September 2016]255-262