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Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of bis(4,4′-bipyridinium) dodecatungstosilicate dihydrateChatterjee, Rajarshi; Hazra, Dipak K; Mukherjee, Monika; Nethaji, M; Ali, MahammadIJC-A Vol.52A(06) [June 2013]749-752
Kinetics of electron transfer between bis( 2,2' -bipyridine )manganese(III) complex and thioureas in aqueous perchlorate mediaAli, Mahammad; Gangopadhyay, Sumana; Dutta, Amitava; Banerjee, PradyotIJC-A Vol.34A(01) [January 1995]43-46
Kinetics of electron transfer between dodecatungstocobaltate(III) and thiosulfate in weak acidic mediumAli, Mahammad; Saha, Swapan K; Banerjee, PradyotIJC-A Vol.29A(06) [June 1990]528-530
Kinetics of oxidation of iodide ion by trans-(cyclohexane-l ,2-diamine N,N,N',N' tetraacetato)manganate(III) weakly acidic solutionAli, Mahammad; Dutta, Amitava; Gangopadhyay, SumanaIJC-A Vol.42A(03) [March 2003]531-533
Studies of electron transfer from octacyanomolybdate(IV) and octacyanotungstate(IV) ions to dodecatungstocobaltate(Ill)Sharma, Mala Das; Ali, Mahammad; Gangopadhyay, Sumana; Saha, Swapan K; Banerjee, PradyotIJC-A Vol.33A(03) [March 1994]243-246
Synthesis and structural characterization of a novel homo-binuclear complex [Cu(dinemac)(H2O)2][Cu(dipic)2] .3H2O: Assembly of discrete cationic and anionic components in a 1D chain through H bondingRay, Ambarish; Maiti, Dipankar; Ali, Mahammad; Sheldrick, William S; Mayer- Figge, HeikeIJC-A Vol.44A(02) [February 2005]261-264
Synthesis, crystal structure and fluorescence studies of two manganese(III) complexes of aminebis(phenolate) ligandsMaity, Dipankar; Sheldrick, W S; Mayer-Figge, H Mayer-Figge; Ali, MahammadIJCA Vol.46A(7) [July 2007]1057-1062
Synthesis, spectroscopic and crystallographic studies on two copper(II) benzimidazole complexes: Supramolecular frameworks built from N-H ... O, N-H ... Cl and O-H ... Cl hydrogen bondsMijanuddin, Md.; Gangopadhya, Sumana; Mondal, Swastik; Mukherjee, Monika; Ali, MahammadIJC-A Vol.45A(04) [April 2006]858-863
Transition metal carbene chemistry. 3:Nucleophilic attachment of 4-nitrophenyl acetonitrile and benzoyl nitromethane anions to Fischer carbene complexesAli, MahammadIJC-A Vol.44A(09) [September 2005]1817-1821